Tales of Eternia

Tales of Eternia

(TV Series 2001 - 13 episodes - Production IG/Xebec/Namco)

2 reviews - 6.5 total score (Explanation of the rating system)
avg. score: (3.3)

2. Iodine

Yet another fantasy series meant to appeal to the younger set. Magic users Rid, Farrah, Keel, and Melody are on a mission to stop two worlds from colliding, but get waylaid to a tropical island that is more than what it seems. The series is so frivolous, and so obviously a tangent from the video game it was based on, there is very little plot setup, and barely any introduction to the major protagonists. Though it does get in its funnier episodes, the characters and premise are simply not well grounded enough to carry the story. The minor players, upon which much depends, are especially lacking. Of course, since this is more or less an extended commercial for the Eternia game, the focus here is on the visuals, and any lack in substance is probably to be expected.

As far as flash and dazzle go, Eternia has it in spades. The whole show looks positively saturated in color, with all the major characters decked out in rather fussy day-glo outfits, and and many of the girls sporting bizarre hairdos. The dialogue is quite bland, and often mindlessly insipid. The tone feels more like a magical-girl program than anything else, as the overemoting Melody and Corrina take every possible chance to act precious, while every other female is, of course, chasing the male lead. Even taking into account the younger audience, the series simply offers too little in any respect to be considered anything more than mediocre.

1. weasl

Based on the Japanese RPG of the same name (Tales of Destiny 2 in the states), Tales of Eternia is one of the better game to anime conversions to date. Unlike most game based anime, ToE doesn't try to retell the story, but simply fits nicely as a sort of filler/side quest to the main story arc from the game. The idea is quiet refreshing, though for those who haven't played the game, can be quiet annoying story wise. Simply put because of it's side quest like nature the main story arc is never realized within the course of the anime series. This aside, Toe is a fun fantasy romp spanning across 13 episodes. Fans of the genre will enjoy this one, as will fans of the game.

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