Oh My Goddess! OVA

Oh My Goddess! OVA

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Alternate TitlesAa! Megamisamaa / Ah! My Goddess
FormatOVA Series - 5 Episodes
Publishing Date1993
Animation Studio
Genre(s)Romance / Comedy / Drama

Creator - Kousuke Fujishima
Director - Goda Hiroaki

AvailabilityR1 - AnimEigo
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11. DFuzzy1

While trying to get my foot in the door to the world of anime collecting, I managed to get a short, 5-episode OAV called Ah! My Goddess. To this day, the series holds a special place in my heart. But is it good?

Ah! My Goddess epitomizes the "magical girlfriend" genre. Keiichi Morisato, while calling around for a restaurant that does take-out, accidentally calls the Goddess Helpline, summoning the first-class Goddess Belldandy to his side. Being rather skeptical about her offer to grant him one wish, Keiichi asks for Belldandy to be by his side forever. And guss what happens? But how will Belldandy's sisters react to the news? Will the sexy Urd find a way to speed up her sister's boring relationship? Will the childish Skuld ever forgive Keiichi for taking her older sister away? And why is Belldandy being recalled back to heaven?

There are two things that make it painfully obvious that the OAV is a quick introduction to the manga. The first is the intro sequence. Many characters that appear in the manga, such as Mara and Banpei, show up without ever being introduced. The second is the plot structure... or lack of one. The first three episodes are dedicated to introducing each of the three Goddesses. Some minor characters are also introduced, such as Sayoko and Megumi, but with little characterization or camera time. This leaves two episodes to introduce and resolve the main conflict of the story (a conflict which doesn't appear in the manga).

So what makes this series good? For one thing, the characters of Keiichi and Belldandy. Keiichi is a good role model for anyone to have. He may not know exactly what's going on, but he tries his best at whatever he has to do, from finding a place to live to winning a motorcycle race to working overtime in order to buy a special gift. Belldandy, being a first-class Goddess, is the epitome of perfection. That doesn't mean that her life is free of problems, but she has that certain attitude that carries her through anything. We might not find that Belldandy in our lives, but who says we can't dream?

The other redeeming factor is that the series sticks to being a love story and avoids the temptation of becoming yet another harem anime. And for a love story, it's a decent one - the kind of thing you can watch with your girl/boyfriend.

Personally, this series made me realize just how powerful anime could be. There were two particular scenes (both with beautiful BGMs) that left me teary-eyed, and one of them was halfway through the 5th episode, which was a cliffhanger for me because I only had the first half at the time. Imagine how I felt while frantically trying to find the last half!

One other piece of information. I saw the dub first before watching the sub. And to my surprise, the dub was good. In fact, I like the dub better, although that could be a personal bias. The dub just has that extra amount of emotion that seems to be lacking in the sub. The fact that the voice actors for Belldandy and Keiichi were married to each other (Juliet Cesario and Scott Simpson) made a huge difference in the way the two characters interacted with each other.

In retrospect, Ah! My Goddess pales in comparison to the other stuff that's out there. But if you're still new to anime, interested in finding out what the manga's about, or just looking for a quick lovestory to enjoy (either by yourself or with your significant other), then check this series out.

10. Qian Wan

AMG is a pretty small five episode series that packs quite the story. Although the general plot of the story is no different than most of the other romance titles where a random guy meets a girl in a weird situation and then fall in love with each other by the first eye contact, AMG does attempt to add a little unique twist to it. Keiichi is a poor college student without a girlfriend (haha sound familiar?) and one day this hot Goddess pops out of nowhere and grant you a wish. so what would you wish for? Our desperate friend Keiichi here wished that the Goddess stay by his side and accompany him forever. Lo and behold, his wish gets granted and the story begins.

Belldandy, the name of the Goddess, is indeed a babe (many in the anime will agree.) The only problem with Belldandy is that she has no unique personality. She is like the perfect sweet pretty mature woman that I'm sure many of us are tired of looking at in an anime. While Belldandy's sisters were introduced and compensated a little for the lack of characteristics, this series failed to stand out among the common romance titles. A beach episode and a compete-for-girl episode is no shocker in a bland anime like this one. The series does provide little comedy but not nearly as much as magnifique titles such as Love Hina and Chobits. Overall, this anime is almost a short and cheap version of Onegai Teacher. The ending is predictable and overused (I paused during the climax to refill my orange juice), and overall a bad conclusion. Maybe it is a bad idea to try to fit a romance series into a mere 5 episodes. And finally, what truly saved AMG's score is the music. The OP song is very catchy went along with the OP animation.

High: Belldandy is a babe. Only 5 episodes for fans who can't wait. Good music
Low: Too common for fans looking for something new. Belldandy has no unique character.
Final Words: If you haven't seen Onegai Teacher yet, grab a copy of that instead.

9. Q

Oh My Goddess! OVA is a nice little series, that I didn't think I'd like as much as I did. The animation was above par. But the characters, and storyline, although amusing at times, has been done...and re-done...and then done again.

With most short length OVA's, the story isn't given enough time to develop, or is so jammed with elements, that it's a bit confusing at times. This OVA, does neither really. It's a cute, (I don't like using that word to describe things, but that's what this series is...cute), little tale of romance, with the typical comic relief from the secondary characters, and some teary-eyed moments.

All in all enjoyable.

Animation - 4 stars
Storyline - 3 1/2 stars
Overall - 4 stars...You may not love this series, but you will like it.

8. Kyosuke

Ah! My Goddess is another shounen anime offering us the usual Keitaro-type main character and his struggle to find love.

The show doesn't break any new ground for the genre, although it does what it's supposed to do. I really liked the artwork done by Kosuke Fujishima and the characters are especially expressive.

The music is another strong point in this show, but i felt like something was missing, something called a "plot"! How can you expect to develop a storyline in just 5 OVA's ? Ok, maybe the story isn't all that important in a shounen anime...well then, what about the characters? Keiichi and Belldandy, the two main protagonists are so bland and underdeveloped compared to the supporting characters (Urd and Skuld).

It's so disappointing to see a good anime plagued by basic problems. You'll probably enjoy the show, but it won't be remembered as a classic in anime history.

7. Iodine

A short segment from a much longer manga, this sweet, pleasant little romantic comedy establishes the circumstances by which a hapless young man gets himself a goddess for a girlfriend. While the basic elements of the show are handled with care, and all the characters have their own charms, it's also an incredibly bland piece of work. It's true that the cosmic interference is plenty of fun and Belldandy's sisters stir things up upon their appearances, but the romance that is the fundamental basis for the whole series is completely uninteresting. Keiichi is the nice, but hesitant boy we've seen a hundred times, and brings nothing new into play. Belldandy is appealing, but so completely subservient and passive, it's slightly disturbing. There is little depth, and less development, even taking into consideration the short length of the OAV.

One of the best parts of the show is the outstanding, detailed design work, which the animation keeps up with very nicely. Since the OAV is meant to feature highlights of the manga, the show is episodic with little continuity. Despite the large part played by the heavenly powers, they're treated like a normal bureaucracy and aren't really very hostile. This leaves the dynamics of the romance to push things forward, and it just doesn't work. Though cute and inventive and very nice to look at, there is little of "Oh My Goddess" that's really exceeds mediocrity.

6. Olmanek

Why does everyone like this series so much? Belldandy is emotionless, and just has a weird inherent kindness that reminds you of that perfect disposition a god would have, so okay well portrayed there in that aspect, but still emotionless. They never have a reason for their love, Keiichi isn't contemptible which is only to be expected, but he definitely isn't especially wonderful charismatic or kind. This series doesn't do it for me, you want Romance, go read a book for gods sake.

5. End of Hearts

Ah! My Goddess is a wonderful short romance anime. Keiichi, who resembles every other boy in animes like these, accidentally calls the Goddess Hotline while calling for food. Belldandy, a beautiful goddess, comes to Keiichi to grant him one wish. Keiichi thinking this is a joke wishes her to be his girlfriend forever and that’s how he gets his girl. Ah! My Goddess doesn’t have that typical I love you but I can’t tell you story. It’s more about how they care for each other and the thought of staying together. The supporting characters, which are Belldandy’s sisters offer some humor and spice into the story as well.

4. The Boss

The series starts of with Keiichi who tries to order "take out" but instead dials the wrong number and gets the goddess help-line. A goddess soon appears and grants him one wish. Keiichi uses it to ask her to stay with him forever. His wish is granted and Keiichi life gets much more interesting from that point on. If you like a mix of serious romance and drama, this is properly one of the best titles you will find.

3. Dreamer

Got a problem in life? Then dial the Goddess Service Hotline (I wish I can) and that's what Keiichi Morisato 'mistakenly' did. Voila! in seconds, a Goddess appeared from no where and was ready to grant him one wish, no matter what it was. Our guy, being short, has no girlfriends (what lame excuse not to have one), and so he chose her, the Goddess AKA Belldandy to be with him forever. What a smart guy, indeed, he got kicked out of the dorm because of her presence. While AMG may not be as flashy and dramatic as, say Love Hina, it still held a special radiance around it. For starters, don't make this 'goddess' thingy offends you, if it does, this show is sweet and rather encouraging. The animation is top-notch and although there is nothing 'original' in the characters' design, they still have enough charm in them to keep them going forever. Watch this for a pure reflection of the loving feelings with some comedy thrown at times, and I guarantee that you are going to like it.

2. weasl

The Oh! My Goddess OVAs have been a fan favorite for years, and for good reason. Based on a long running manga the five ova episodes manage to introduce us to most of the main characters, as well as introduce a fairly important story element that gets wrapped up by the end. Our story follows Keiichi, a poor college student that mistakenly makes a phone call that brings the goddess Belldandy to visit him. Given one wish by the goddess Keiichi wishes for "a girlfriend like you". Of course he ends up with Belldandy who from that day forward begins to live with him. Oh! My Goddess is a perfect example of the shounen romance genre, and one that no fan of romantic anime should go with out seeing. Highly recommended.

1. Tempy

The Oh My Goddess OVA is a short but very enjoyable series of episodes which captures the mood perfectly from the excellent manga series. Kousuke Fujishima has created a wonderful set of characters and stories with good funny, romantic, dramatic, sad and poignant moments. The OVA series has all of these elements, and it's a rare anime show which had me laughing and teary-eyed.

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