Oh My Goddess!

Oh My Goddess! Movie

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Alternate TitlesAa! Megamisamaa / Ah! My Goddess
Publishing Date2000
Animation Studio
Genre(s)Romance / Drama / Comedy

Creator - Kousuke Fujishima

AvailabilityR1 - Pioneer
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Oh My Goddess! OVA

7. Qian Wan

The OMG movie is a huge improvement from the first OVA series. The movie was beautiful, artistic, insightful, and overall a very good anime. Celestine, the former mentor of our favorite goddess Belldandy is introduced. Celestine has been kept captive on the moon and recently escaped, and he is heading straight for Belldandy. His mission is to dismiss the heaven's "unjust" system and fixate a new system where everyone will live in peace without God's judgments. The movie reveals a lot about Belldandy's past including her previously erased memories. Overall, the plot is a love dove and it really touched me. What really stood out in the movie are the action scenes where the Goddess' cast jaw-dropping spells that screamed its heavenly might. The scenes of the heaven is artistic and reminds me of Laputa (which is really good.)

Oh my music, so good! I really liked the ending song called "Try to Wish". The sound and music in the movie, dominated mostly by instrumental melodies, were also nicely presented and soothing to my ears. Belldandy's voice however is as bland as ever, but that is merely an opinion. The only complaint I have is the unchanged dullness of Belldandy who seem to get jealous whenever Keiichi is with another girl. The overused proposal of love also didn't make the bond between Belldandy and Keiichi stand out in the genre, however that is repented by some deep and quotable philosophical insights given by the movie. The ending is satisfying, and it is the right way to end a true romance series, the series that make people go "awwww."

High: More action, more romance, more insights than the OVA. Music is a blessing
Low: Belldandy is dull as ever.
Bottom Line: If you liked the OVA, you will LOVE the movie. The movie makes the OVA worth watching.

7. Q

Oh My Goddess! The more of the same from the OVA's, only better.

The animation is as good, if not better than the OVA's...the background of Belldandy was explored a bit, something that was utterly lacking from the OVA's. And as a whole, the story was better, (but that could be due to the fact that I've already spent time with these characters). While Morgan added some new spice to the movie, the addition of Celestine added a whole 'nother aspect to the story.

If you liked the OVA''ll enjoy the movie as well.

Animation - 4 stars
Storyline - 4 stars
Overall - 4 stars

6. Kyosuke

Taking place a little while after the OVA, this movie is a really appreciated addition to the Ah! My Goddess universe. About everyone from the OVA returns in the movie but what really makes this long-feature interesting is the two new characters: Morgan and Celestin. The character development for both of these characters is perfectly achieved compared to the OVA series. We even get some background information on Belldandy (God knows she needed it!).

Visually, you won't be disappointed by this movie as it provides us with fluid animation and beautiful artwork, just what is expected.

Creatively, this movie falls a bit short, serving us something we've seen near the end of the OVA and blowing the chance to add some depth to certain characters.

Ah! My Goddess The Movie is a really interesting piece of work that takes the OVA to the higher level by achieving the basic elements unachieved by the 5-episode original.

5. End of Hearts

Simply amazing movie. Since I’m such a sucker for romance, I really enjoyed this very much. Belldandy has been infected with a “virus” from her old teacher, Celestine, who has escaped his prison on the moon. The virus has caused Belldandy to lose all of her memories of Keichii. The first half of the movie concentrates on how Belldandy tries to remember her lost memory. The second half deals with Celestine and how the world must be reborn so that no one will have to suffer anymore, being it illness, death, or love. Breathtaking animation using a broad spectrum of vivid colors and melodious singing from the goddesses will also keep your attention. Don’t forget the great action scenes. I never expected there to be anyway, but I sure was hell surprised to see some great fights, using magic of course. Only really disappointment was the lack of a real kiss between Keichii and Belldandy.

4. Dreamer

Like almost every anime show turned into a movie, the characters design is more mature and the overall plot has a more serious tone. The AMG movie debut worked quite well for me. The animation quality is high with some nice effects and 3D works, and the colors are always vibrant and lively. One could see that there was a great effort put in this to make it happens, but what about the story? Not as catchy, at least not immediately. Belldandy's instructor, Celestin, got freed from his prison and came to her to change her life. He cast a spell on her making her, in turn, having some kind of selective amnesia. Poor Keiichi is back to square one, what is your wish? Sometimes I think the story won't get easily in the minds of viewers as it requires time to develop well. The best thing in this story, in my opinion, is that it keeps one wondering of what would come next and how things would wrap up. It is a good thing that this movie is quite long (over 100 minutes) and so it gives this enough room for you to think. Anyway, check this movie out.

3. bremmi

The AMS (AA! Megami-sama!) movie is visually very beautiful, and has a great sound track, and I don't just mean music and songs... There are several racing scenes in the movie which would make Initial D and Ex-Driver's sound technicians jealous! The characters are all wonderfully designed and drawn, though the "villains" are a bit under developed. Some people complain that the movie doesn't stand very well by itself, but I don't really think it is all that confusing. Although it has a bit of a romantic element, I think it should have been more developed, and that is what keeps the movie from getting a better rating. Still, for a visually stunning experience with some terrific sound, I think it's a great movie.

2. Tempy

Belldandy's former mentor Celestin, who was sealed on the moon after rebelling against Heaven, has broken free with the help of Morgan, a fairy princess who was denied her love by the heavens. In his quest to change the world for the better, Celestin uses Belldandy and Keiichi to try and reprogram Yggdrasil. Belldandy suffers amnesia which puts her relationship with Keiichi in the balance again. The Oh My Goddess movie boasts beautiful designs and excellent animation. Scenes with angels, moving hair, magic spells are magnificent. And the music is great too, very dramatic, romantic, and evokes awe and wonderment. The movie is more serious than the OVAs and features sparse comic relief. But, what we do get is a beautiful romantic drama filled with very pretty images, and featuring an excellent ending. Another winning entry in the OMG world.

1. weasl

A sweet romantic tale, the Oh My Goddess movie has a lot going for it. The story is well written, though it does seem to drag a bit near the middle, and Morgan's character was seriously underdeveloped. The character designs are excellent and detailed, and are paired with some great animation. I really enjoyed the visual style of Oh My Goddess and it probably stands out as one of the most visual stunning movies I've seen in a long time. A great film for those who enjoy romantic anime.

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