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Alternate Titles
FormatHentai OVA Series - 4 Episodes
Publishing Date1999
Animation StudioVanilla
Genre(s)Fantasy / Hentai
Crew/CastStory - Nikukyu
AvailabilityR1 - Critical Mass
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3. Hentai Sensei

This hentai anime began with Cain releasing a fairy from a vase inside a cave and by following the fairy's advises and he saved the princess. He is then rewarded with the title Lord of Norland. In order for him to marry the princess Charlotte, he must best his rival Tedmond by having the most land within the five years. However, Tedmond is not going to go quietly, with his military power, he started a war against Cain in order to get more money and more land. Through the process we meet four more drop dead gorgeous girls [Chiffon, Tsubaki, Tia, and Sandra], who aside from Sandra serves their king loyally [both sexually and strategically].

All the sex scenes are wonderful and plot is decent unlike most typical hentai anime. I was very surprised because I never thought a hentai anime can be this good. All the characters are very thought of and well drawn. I like Chiffon and Tsubaki because unlike most female characters in hentai anime whose weak and just waiting to be raped, these two female characters are smart and tough. Also, Meiking doesn't really have bizarre sex scenes such SM, enema nor rapping. All Meiking has to offer is beautiful girls willingly to serve the king to their best abilities while falling for him. For those anime fans that enjoy hentai, this is not a title to be missed [I can't believe that I am giving a hentai anime this kind of score]. Out of all the hentai anime I have seen, only Bible Black can match this series.

2. Tempy

Set in a fantasy world, our young male lead Cain is a simple sheepherder who becomes the lord of Norland after rescuing the princess. But he is given 5 years to make Norland the most prosperous land so that he can succeed the king and take the princess' hand in marriage. At war with neighbour Tedmond and attacked by bandits, Cain and his people are having a hard time. Luckily for him (and us) there are plenty of pretty girls who help him in all kinds of ways.

The story in Meiking is quite decent albeit pretty cliché. Luckily the h scenes are very enjoyable enough due to the nice character design amongst other things; I especialy like Chiffon, the half human-half dark elf female advisor, but the other girls are nice as well. There are some fun moments (Anna the dwarf ambassador wields a chained spiked ball bigger than herself), and even a few decent action sequences. The art itself is a bit inconsistent, varying from below average to pretty damn nice, while the music makes a valiant effort but suffers from cheap synthesizer syndrome. If you're looking for fantasy hentai and hot elf sex though, this comes highly recommended. I wonder if we should praise ourselves lucky that we are spared a hentai scene with a dwarf.

1. Tyrenol

Cain Asbell follows a stray sheep into a cave; thereby releasing a fairy from a vase. This lowly shepherd ends up becoming a lord of Norland. And he has to make that land the most profitable within a five year stretch if he wants to marry Princess Charlotte. Included in the mix are the elven advisor Chiffon, the samurai Tsubaki, rescued slave girl Tia, roughneck bandit leader Sandra, rivalling Tedmond's pretty-boy-from-hell Francis, and Anne, the Dwarf Ambassador.

There's a reason why this show belongs to the "Vanilla Series". It's got enough white, sticky, flying "vanilla" to be NC-17, but it's mainly a romantic RPG. The art switches from "Pia Carrot" to "Koihime" between episodes 2 and 3. And it's so good that not even The Right Stuf's "dubbing streetteam from hell" can dampen its mood.

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