(Gosenzo-san E)

(Hentai OVA Series 1998/1999 - 4 episodes - AIC / Beam Entertainment / Green Bunny)

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Masquerade Masquerade Masquerade Masquerade

1. Tempy

Masquerade is created by AIC, who are known for Tenchi Muyo and El-Hazard, and it shows: the character designs are reminiscent of these two shows, and main character Gen looks a lot like Tenchi. Gen is afflicted with the family curse which causes the descendants to die at a young age. When he gets aroused his eyes turn golden and his primal instincts take over his mind and body. And on top of that his sperm is golden. Gen's grandmother, her maid Beth (who's over 400 years old and is sensitive to sunlight), and big-boobed, American student Jennifer (who's eager to collect Gen's sperm for scientific research) try to cure him. In the meantime there's also a mysterious teacher, the school nurse, and the class president who make Gen's life complicated. It might sound confusing at first, but it's actually quite a decent plot. The tone of the show is mostly serious, with some light comedy and romance thrown in. The sex scenes aren't very explicit at all. The girls are very pretty, but there's not much wild pelvis thrusting going on, and you don't get to see any sexual organs except for Tenchi's errr... I mean Gen's sometimes black sometimes transparent penis. It's really a bit too tame. Anyway, Masquerade could have used a little more oomph here and there, but as a whole I enjoyed it. Now someone needs to convince AIC to create another hentai show featuring actual Tenchi Muyo characters.

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