The Maiden Diaries

The Maiden Diaries

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Alternate Titles
FormatHentai OVA Series - 4 Episodes
Publishing Date
Animation Studio
Crew/CastDirector - Hideki Takayama
AvailabilityR1 - Kitty Media
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1. Tyrenol

You can forget rappers like Too Short, Snoop Dog, 50 Cent, and what these guys have to say about pimpin'. You don't have the slightest idea until you meet Foster and Dred Burton. Ask the ladies working at their mansion about their "training program." Now THAT's pimpin'!

Jokes aside, railroad tycoon Dred picks up Foster (who's at rock bottom from his lavish career as a secret serviceman and fellow racketeer). Foster's been given the job to turn Clair (Dred's granddaughter) into a human sex toy. Along with Clair are Aisha, Rin, and Leese (as well as a few others).

On a serious note; this feminists' nightmare is bitter candy. It rides on the "submissive maid" theme like a horse; but the plot is slow and dry, and not enough attention is being paid to on the sex scenes. You get some goodies here and there, but the moments are just wrong and are drowned out by the constant S&M and Bondage.

Kitty Media's release is only four episodes out of the official five. But the second episode featured a young looking Rin having sex and it's considered a no-no in our anti-pedophilic society. It leaves out a huge chunk of plot, but there's more important things for me to complain about than that.

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