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Alternate Titles
Format OVA Series - 3 Episodes
Publishing Date  
Animation Studio  
Publisher/Broadcaster Green Bunny
Genre(s) Hentai
Availability R1 - NuTech
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1. Tyrenol

Apparently, there seems to be a "Mile High Club" in the skyscraper that houses the Best Beauty Body Lingerie Company. Yusuke Nakanishi has been hired by the son of 3BL's president as some corporate watchdog to get rid of the corruption from the inside. And all Nakanishi needs to do is to "get with the right women." His targets are Alice (the run-of-the-mill "hot blonde babe" who's also an unfortunate pawn for 3BL's leadership), Chisa (a computer expert whose shirt is too tight), and Rena (built like a brickhouse when Miki and Zaitu aren't playing with her).

And as Nakanishi gives the okay to Mayumi and her friends for the new "seamless underwear," he helps Chisa find out who's been hacking into the computer terminal. Unfortunately for the ladies (or fortunately for the guys watching), Nakanishi is the white-collar sex fiend who likes to make them "whistle while he works."

This show is made by the creative force behind AIKa and Najica Blitz Tactics. Does this mean that these guys have finally gotten out of their funk of giving the guys too much "good shots" and instead rely of giving "better shots?" I don't know and I'm not too sure. I wasn't happy about the ending either. But it's a good show if you wanna see people in the office getting it on.

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