Lesson of Darkness

Lesson of Darkness
(Inju Kateikyoushi)

(Hentai OVA 1996 - 1 Episode - Pink Pineapple)

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1. Tempy

It's not often (well, not often enough) that you see a romantic sex scene in a hentai anime show. Especially not one between a woman and a tentacled sex demon. Somehow the sight of a woman caressing a tentacle, while another tentacle caresses the woman's cheek, complete with romantic music, makes for a highly amusing viewing experience. Lesson of Darkness had been a reasonably decent show until then. Sex demons have coexisted with human for ages, surviving by stealing human energy by means of sex (ie tentacle rape). However, there's one especially mean demon killing women while in search of a magical stone which will grant him limitless power. But another demon tries to save both the human and demon world by preventing this from happening. Unfortunately while the ideas are good enough, at only 45 minutes, Lesson of Darkness is just way too short for decent character development or action buildup. Said romantic sex scene does make it a memorable one. But just when you think the show ends on a positive note, a surprise sequence appears after the end credits, totally mangling what should have been a fine ending.

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