Lady Blue

Lady Blue

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Alternate Titles
FormatOVA Series - 4 Episodes
Publishing Date1996
Animation Studio
Genre(s)Hentai / Fantasy / Comedy
Crew/CastCreator - Toshio Maeda
AvailabilityR1 - Anime18
Related Works La Blue Girl
La Blue Girl Returns

Lady BlueLady BlueLady BlueLady Blue

1. Tempy

The follow up to La Blue Girl starts out quite promising. The art and animation have improved, there are quite a few cute humorous bits (including superdeformity), and the story itself starts out interesting enough with Miko falling in love. Unfortunately her love interest accidentally awakens the spirit of a woman vengeful against the Shikima. Then the story gets bogged down by silliness like sexcraft, ancient curses and magic artifacts, taking these all too mind-numbingly serious while it should've remained a comedy. When you have the main villain talking to the skull of his beloved (who he just killed) which washed ashore right in front of his feet, you really start to wonder what crack the writer (who happens to be female) was on.

Anyway, Lady Blue is somewhat amusing for a while, maybe they should have made it more of a parody. You have the usual tentacle scenes that La Blue Girl is quasi-famous for, but it's not really that shocking or disturbing because with sexcraft that's just the way they battle. The girls are used to it (!) and Miko still considers herself a virgin (as apparent in La Blue Girl Returns). While the art is good and well-animated, the sex scenes are short and a tad disappointing. There are numerous masturbation scenes but they tend to only last a few seconds; a long sex scene is sorely lacking. Of course this gives the story more time to develop, except it doesn't, so it's like a wasted opportunity.

There's a noteworthy scene where a woman bites off a penis and then swallows it, which had me in stitches because of its shocking crudeness.

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