(Hentai OVA Series 2000 - 2 episodes - ELF / Pink Pineapple)

2 reviews - 7.5 total score (Explanation of the rating system)
avg. score: (3.8)


2. Tyrenol

Ah...! A story about the magic of Japanese folklore and princess nookie. A young man (whose hormones are on overdrive by the way) visits his childhood home in the countryside. And he's greeted by 4 women who used to play with him. One by one he gets it on with each women (as guys who think between their legs usually do). But a dark storm looms over the village as the parents of these girls get angered over a "broken taboo" and the failing politics of polygamy (as harem-themed shows usually do). It doesn't help matters that these 4 ladies are demons that represent each of their clans.

Koihime is one of the few hentai titles that set the standards when it comes to "wholesome hentai:" No S&M, no bondage, and no tentacled beasts (even though you might have some demons herein). The sex is mainly consensual guy-girl with its fair share of "extra goodies." But it's mainly plot-driven; focusing on the mysteries of the place and why our male protagonist doesn't remember the ladies.

1. Tempy

Based on ELF's hentai game, Koihime tells the story of Musashi who visits his hometown after a long absence. He encounters 4 pretty girls who used to be his childhood friends, yet he doesn't seem to remember them. The show is nicely drawn, the girls are cute, and the sex scenes are very nice. The animation is decent except for the flying sequences and that tornado. The first episode is much more enjoyable than the second one as it introduces the characters and adds a bit of humor in the mix, while the second episode tries to resolve a conflict and reveals the weak plot.

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