(Hentai OVA - 1 episode - Five Ways)

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Karen Karen Karen Karen

2. Tyrenol

I'm actually a fan of "sports noogie." It's in an area where Angels In The Court just doesn't deliver, but it suffers the drawback of being a "blackmail" theme. It's mainly a bout between Ryo (the tough female lead) and Dojima (the sleazeball). The show's nearly unbearable to watch until it starts looking really good (starting from the female cheerleading squad). The art and animation looks like it's done by two studios. What's up with that? It's avoidable, like the guy said, but it'll tie you over until NuTech starts picking up some more serious "sports" titles.

1. Tempy

Ryo is captain of the cheering squad, but its members threaten to quit unless Ryo can prove she's worthy to be their captain. Her trials include walking around with a vibrator stuck in her, and "improving relations" with the cheerleading squad and the rugby team. The story is bleh, the art is bleh, and the animation is even more bleh. The production values are better than My Life As... Stage 1: A Chicken, but that's not saying much. Five-Ways hasn't impressed me at all yet. I think the rugby team has been drinking too much green tea, because their sperm is yellowish-green. Lightly forceful (though Ryo doesn't put up a fight), this short show's main focus is humiliation. Best avoided.

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