Karakuri Ninja Girl

Karakuri Ninja Girl

(Hentai OVA Series 1996 - 2 episodes - Pink Pineapple / Dangun)

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Karakuri Ninja Girl Karakuri Ninja Girl Karakuri Ninja Girl Karakuri Ninja Girl
Karakuri Ninja Girl Karakuri Ninja Girl Karakuri Ninja Girl Karakuri Ninja Girl

2. Tyrenol

Ninjas, wierd sex, ninja girls in short skirts, and a vehement Sailor Moon running gag (MMG, of the infamous StarBallz fame, should learn from NuTech about how a sexy Sailor Moon cosplayer sounds like). That's Karakuri Ninja Girl for you. It's not that graphic when it comes to the good stuff. But it's worth a laugh or four. The story revolves around a loving young couple, going by the ninja-esque names of Fawn Bell and Moon Shadow, who grew tired of the life of a ninja and decide to escape; one way or another. (And where was Fatal Fury's Mai Shiranui?) Another ninja, Morning Mist, is hot on their tail for reasons of her own. Oh yeah...

1. Tempy

Suzuka and Tsukikage are two ninjas who try to escape their ninja community to live an ordinary life in the city. They get caught, but then wreak continuous havoc in the community causing them to get banished. Sagiri, a redheaded ninja, attempts to seduce Suzuka back, but then falls for Tsukikage.

Karakuri Ninja Girl is a rarity of a hentai show released on Region 1 DVD. There are no tentacles or icky janitors, the show is cute and humorous, features super deformed moments, and -shock- moments of affection in the form of non-sexual kissing and hugging. The genital area is generally hidden or obscured - we got black censor circles, intentional mosaic, black penis syndrome, and even invisible penis syndrome. It's pretty clear what these people are doing though, and I didn't miss any explicitness; the show is a comedy with sex thrown in, and a pretty fun one at that. Don't miss it.

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