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Alternate Titles
FormatOVA Series - 3 Episodes
Publishing Date  
Animation Studio
Publisher/Broadcaster Five Ways
Availability R1 - NuTech
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1. Tyrenol

I'm sorry, Virginia. It takes two cops to play "good cop / bad cop."

In the late 20th century; crime runs rampant and human sex trade is nearly the norm. The police sets up a special unit to go after the white slavers. Unfortunately for this show, what appears to be the Bush Administration had been in office during this time... Since a lot of the special agents introduced are running around with short skirts and bare legs.

The ladies are introduced "Charlie's Angels style;" Agetha the butt-kicking leader, Koyomi the itchy-trigger-finger, and Lily the science nerd. They're after Lead Suits, some G.I.Joe reject and the ringleader of a crime ring that utilizes the titled drug that's so powerful that its effects still lingers within the unfortunate victim. Nearly to the point of brainwashing, I might add.

A lot of problems with this title: The first of three episodes has some of the main characters looking totally fughered up. And even with the art and animation looking better, we still have Agetha. Apparently she likes to lactate like a cow during her scenes. The cat was right when she said that it was sick. And with the third episode being released, it's dubbing was done by another studio which apparently likes to mix the Japanese and English speech audio.

Whatever NuTech was going through, I hope it's just a phase. However badly they've done in the past, this type of crappy post-production shouldn't be allowed. We have Kitty Media to thank for that.

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