Isaku Respect

Isaku Respect

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Alternate Titles
FormatOVA Series - 3 Episodes
Publishing Date 2000-2001
Animation Studio
Publisher/Broadcaster Pink Pineapple
Crew/Cast Creator - ELF
Availability R1 - NuTech
Related Works Isaku

Isaku RespectIsaku RespectIsaku RespectIsaku Respect

1. Tyrenol

A former colleague of mine did a review of Shusaku Replay; stating that the next time some fugly-looking guy tries to blackmail you into sex, suck on him at first, bite him hard, and run to the authorities. Isaku, and the sequal Isaku Respect, answers back by featuring the lead scum as someone who can bust your head open with his bare hands.

The story ends up making fun of itself since it was based on a computer game, like many other Pink Pineapple works. And it goes something like this: Kotone wants to enjoy her summer vacation with her friends, especially her crush Kenta. But, slowly and surely, Miyuki bitches her way into the competition for his heart. The two girls, Kenta, and four other have been blackmailed into the old school building by Isaku.

Now, it's been said that Shusaku and Isaku are related. Kisaku (with his own series) might be related as well. And while Shusaku has a sense of style, Isaku would readily "recreate the battle between the US and Iraq" if he doesn't get his way. The girls tried as hard as they could to resist, but in the end they have been scarred for life by Isaku's brutality.

Newer Pink Pineapple animation; even though most of it is dark and dreary. A lot of scat; despite it being so clear and undetailed. Lots of "No!", "Stop!", "Don't!", "Ouch That Hurts!", and my personal favorite "You're Ripping Me Apart!" Does Kenta get some? Yes. Does he save the day? Nope. I just hope the latest batch of hentai from NuTech doesn't go that far anymore.

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