Holy Virgins

Inmu 2

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Alternate Titles
Format OVA Series - 2 Episodes
Publishing Date 2001
Animation Studio
Publisher/Broadcaster Pink Pineapple
Genre(s) Hentai
Availability R1 - NuTech
Related Works Inmu

1. Tyrenol

The Inmu series is basically a set of 15-minute stories about the idea of "looking at your own back." Beginning each episode is that mysterious witch who gives you a cryptic message. Sort of like Elmira; but with less ego and more fashion sense. I decided to view volume two of this series instead of volume one because the latter had demon rape at the end of each clip. "No thanks, mysterious witch."

And so, the mysterious witch tells us four stories about the secret lives of the following people: One story features a woman who's unable to go through her "first time," and then finds her boyfriend visiting a "brothel employee" who looks just like her. The second is about an attractive nurse who's dogged, and then finally captured, by an extremely sick pervert. The third is about some "Yu-Gi-Oh" reject who obviously misunderstood the power of his cards. And the good people behind the final story decided to treat us with their version of a "hot mom."

Three of the four stories had our lovely witch appear and explain to the lead characters that they should look at their backs (whatever that means). But in the end, and after some hot sex, we're reminded that the show is part "Twilight Zone" and whatever somebody wished for becomes unimportant way too quickly.

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