Immoral Sisters

Immoral Sisters

4 reviews - 13.0 total score (Explanation of the rating system)
avg. score: (3.3)

Alternate TitlesAi Shimai
FormatOVA Series - 3 Episodes
Publishing Date2001
Animation StudioPink Pineapple
Genre(s)Hentai / Drama
AvailabilityR1 - NuTech
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Immoral Sisters Immoral Sisters Immoral Sisters Immoral Sisters

4. Hentai Sensei

This anime has a plot that is beyond horrible. There are loopholes everywhere and the plot is inexcusable even if it was meant for a hentai anime. Just to name a few loopholes to prove my point, why would the victims [such as Yukie, Rumi and Tomoko] accept and forgive Taketo and Yumi in the end after all the horrible things they have done? What is more ridiculous is that they not only forgive and forget what Taketo had done, they end up living together and continue to have sex with Taketo. Now if the world is so forgiven, I will have no problem getting laid and there will be no war and no need for peace.

Aside from the ridiculous, ill organized plot, the characters and voice are quite well done. I really liked Rumi's design [ah, who can resist a beautiful yet sporty high school girl] and her voice. Having tons of sex scenes also don't hurt this anime. I just didn't really enjoy the old man [Taketo's father] and the virgin having sex. I thought that by his age, he needs a bottle of Viagra to help him to do anything significant. This hentai anime features sex, phone sex, raping virgins, and incest. If those elements sound exciting, this anime is specially made for you, if not, skip this title.

3. Tyrenol

Glossy animation and hardcore sex makes Immoral Sisters something to watch. The only drawbacks are the idea that Nogawa, that old bastard who's the chairman of the girls school board, is running around popping cherries like an orchid farmer. The second drawback is Takato, the equally bastardized son who blackmails Yukie into having his way with her. Nevermind that he's chasing after her stepdaughters (Rumi and Tomoko) and had already proclaimed his love to the "random blonde" Yumi; all of which Nogawa had already popped the cherries of.

2. Corkscrew

This story begins with a housewife, Yukie, getting into a fender bender. She is then blackmailed by Taketo and Yumi, the occupants of the car, into a contract that involves liberal amounts of sex, since there's no way she can afford to pay for the damages. Eventually, her stepdaughters Tomoko and Rumi are drawn into things by some coercion from Yumi. The story is generally pretty interesting, for a hentai title, and there's lots of sex. One thing I could have definitely done without is Taketo's father getting involved... older man on teenage girl sex is about as arousing as getting shot in the face.

A lot of the sex early on is non-consensual, but the female participants end up enjoying things anyway. As things move on, Tomoko and Rumi take comfort in each other's arms, sparking a pretty decent lesbian foursome. At this point, an idea is hatched to get out of the contract and take down Taketo and his father (who happens to be the headmaster at Rumi and Tomoko's school) at the same time. Overall, considering how many crappy titles there are in the hentai anime world, this one's actually pretty darn good overall. If incest or pseudo-non-consensual sex bothers you, I'd suggest looking elsewhere. If not, you're getting lots of sex, good animation and art, a complete story, and a fairly happy ending.

1. Tempy

Once upon a time a housewife named Yukie gets into a car accident, and has to pay a settlement to Taketo, the son of the owner of a large corporation. Anyway, Yukie is unable to pay and mysteriously never tells her husband who's away on an extended business trip about the incident. Taketo and his father take this opportunity to blackmail Yukie for sexual favors. Yukie's stepdaughters Rumi and Tomoko also get involved. The story is kind of preposterous in how Yukie's family gets into this mess. Perhaps telling her husband might have been a good idea after all. Anyway, while Yukie is ravished against her will (she's still enjoying it all though), the daughters aren't really that reluctant. The two men are despicable and unlikable, but the women do get their revenge. Immoral Sisters doesn't contain much character development/interaction as Koihime or Pia Carrot for example. Well, beyond the physical interaction of course; it does feature a lot of explicit and juicy sex scenes, and this is the show's strong point. The art and animation are good, and the sex scenes play out nicely. Quite enjoyable if you can get past the fact that they're being forced - don't expect any love between the men and the women.

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