Holy Virgins

Holy Virgins

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Alternate Titles
FormatOVA Series - 2 Episodes
Publishing Date2002
Animation Studio
Crew/CastAuthor - Nikukyuu
AvailabilityR1 - Critical Mass
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Dr. Fuwa is basically the "lone wolf" of physicians; refusing to be bound by rules and losing his top position because of his behavior. So while he spends his days doing his nurse Megumi, he gets a call to check out a nun-in-training who came from some island.

When they get there, Fuwa finds out that all types of weird crap had been happening. He finds out that Sister Kate, a supposed role model for the nuns-in-training, sexually assaults them. And despite being such a religious island, whatever's affecting it is getting to Fuwa as well. He becomes more perverted and sexually assaults them as well. And how does Father Musulli fit into this equation?

I'm amazed at how such a show like this would fly under the radar of the religious hard-liners. I guess they were too busy dealing with an openly gay priest. And I'm not sure if it was timing or something else. But Critical Mass could've picked something with a lot less controversy. Then again these are the same guys who released Dark to the public... Oh well... At least it has some good sex scenes and "money shots." And it tries to be tasteful. But it didn't have much of a "final fight" at the ending.

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