Four Play

Four Play

(Hentai OVA Series - 2 Episodes)

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1. Tyrenol

I don't know if Anime 18's hentai listing gets worse or had been bad as is. (Their roster includes lots of monster-porn ala Urotsukidoji, the La Blue Girl series, and Venus 5. Their few gems are Masquerade, Spaceship Agga Ruter, and Lunatic Night). But this is one of the low ones.

Four Play is not for the advanced hentai fans. This is strictly made for those who wanna start out with non-beast and non-blackmail material. It's a story about a couple college guys and their friend who had suddenly turned nympho on them. Her looking like "Sailor Pluto," and the return of the "dubbing streetteam from hell" doesn't help matters either.

A note about how the dubbing went: I DO know that these kids are NOT from college. And I'm sure that the orignal flub wouldn't have been read so much like the funny papers. But by then I wonder if the "brother/sister" scene had actually gone farther than the two hugging each other.

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