Five Card

Five Card

(Hentai OVA - 4 Episodes - Five Ways)

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1. Tyrenol

Five Card is one of the latest hentai OVA's to appear from out of NuTech's backroom dealings; featuring the ever-popular "back to school" theme. Daina is the handsome young English teacher who has his eyes set on four young ladies who are in his class. But while he gets his thing on with his assistant teacher Mayu, the dean Onikuma wastes no time in utilizing his power to turn some of the female students (including some of Daina's) into prostitutes.

This series is what happens if you mix a show like Lunatic Night with a show like Shusaku. It's CG (although not as blatant as something like Vandread) and plays itself out too long during the sex scenes. The girls herein are pretty much token and some of them are air-headed. Cain's listed as a "potential" savior, but he mainly screws around. He is right to say that "women should be loved and not drugged." At least the bad guy herein gets it in the end for biting off more then he can chew.

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