F3 - Frantic, Frustrated and Female

(Hentai OVA Series 1994 - 3 episodes - Wanyan Aguda / AIC / Pink Pineapple)

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F3 F3 F3 F3

3. Konoha

I can't remember the last time I laughed so hard. This is a silly hentai show about a girl unable to achieve orgasm. After trying all sorts of toys, she gets some help from her sister and mother (who become her "roommate" and "landlady" in ep.2). Then it just gets more and more bizarre, concluding with the infamous stuffed-animals-with-strap-ons episode. This isn't supposed to be erotic, it's supposed to be hilarious. May be more fun to watch in a group.

2. Tyrenol

There are lots of times when Mother Nature's not on your side. One of them's when she says that "you can't come." And this is what happens to poor Hiroe, our main heroine of "Frantic, Frustrated, and Female".

My favorite of this hentai OVA is the last part where a horny male spirit answers her call and possesses her. After this point, things get messy. But the show does get for fulfill our fantasy of doing it with a slutty-looking exorcist (hitting on themes of Ghostsweeper Mikami and Phantom Quest Corp). Even if said exorcist has... ...what Hiroe's having...

1. Tempy

Hiroe Ogawa is a young girl who has a very hard time attaining an orgasm, despite her efforts. Her sister Mayaka, her mother, and other assorted girls try to "lend her a hand" with varying, yet hilarious results. This is very much a comedy, complete with cute sound effects (what does a wiggling vibrator sound like?). The artwork and animation is strictly average and dated, but the girls are cute and attractive enough. The situations are very funny, but the impact would have been improved with better music and better storyboarding/pacing. The sex, while not explicit enough, is almost continuous and quite juicy, with lots of lesbian scenes spiced up with dildos, male blowup dolls, bondage, and even a double hermaphrodite scene! Phew! While F3 is just a tad too extreme for the hentai uninitiated, it provides enough fun for the whole family :-) Watch out for that lobster!

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