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Alternate TitlesAsgaldh
FormatHentai OVA Series - 3 Episodes
Publishing Date2001
Animation Studio
Genre(s)Hentai / Comedy / Fantasy
Crew/CastCreator - Zone
AvailabilityR1 - Anime18
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1. Tempy

The cover of the DVD for this hentai title has awesome B-movie-like text on it. "Battling Babes vs Dirty Demons!", "Carnal Creatures!", "Vicious Vixens!", "Enslaved by Filthy Fiends!". It made the show seem like a silly hentai romp. Unfortunately this doesn't come close to the generally funny zaniness of Sex Demon Queen. Originally titled "Asghald" and based on a PC game, F-Force begins with demons capturing young girls to search for the one with a special marking on her body. Of course the one who has that is Alicia, the last remaining girl in the village. Ash is hired to defeat the demons (little bit late aren't we) and he summons the help of six color-coded and stereotypical girls to help him (there's even one named Fromage). They slice and dice through the demons, but there are just way too many of those fiends. The girls get captured and ravished. And their leader collects their underwear. Even the main male protagonist's underwear. Of course his obsession with collecting underwear, which includes the ritual of putting them over his head, ultimately leads to his demise. Anyway, there are more bosses out there and things follow the same formula: fight - get captured - get tentacle raped - beat up bad guy somehow anyway. And, this is a major spoiler, but eventually Ash and his female companions all get killed. So what does sad Alicia do? She's so touched that Ash gave up his life to save her that she wrestles out of the control of the baddies and tries HUMPING dead Ash. Yes sirreee, we got necrophilia! As she struggles to get Ash' flaccid penis in, this stimulates her so much that she sprays all over love juice like a fountain over Ash' dead body. He rises from the more ways than one. So now Alicia can finally get it on properly and her second orgasm causes the other girls to become alive again.

While the original Asgaldh game had good designs, the anime has lots of poor art and animation. The concept is poor, the story is poor, hell, everything's rather poor. I kept dozing off a couple of times. As for the naughty bits - there's plenty of clothes-ripping, but if you don't count the necrophilia scenes there's only one consensual XXX scene. The rest is demon tentacle rape, and yeah there are some pretty good shows featuring that, such as Oni Tensei and Nightmare Campus, but this just isn't one of those.

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