The Elven Bride

Elven Bride, The

(Hentai OVA Series - 2 episodes)

3 reviews - 9.5 total score (Explanation of the rating system)
avg. score: (3.2)

3. Tyrenol

The standards of "hot, nekkid elf sex" had risen above said elf merely being a happy housewife. Sure the show was a nice, refreshing change from the constant "La Blue Girl does Urotsukidoji" fanfare. And I made a joke about it being some continuation of that Parn/Deedlit thing in the Lodoss War saga. But here the gloss paint's just losing its shine.

2. Jin

Elven Bride is a nice kawaii hentai. While for the hardcore folk there really is nothing hardcore to be seen. Most of this could be classified as "light" hentai. While the story isn't that great it's an OK idea and really does seem to go well with this. It's very comedic and kawaii. My only gripe with this hentai is it needed a little more story to back it up and a small push in the "hardcore" direction. But overall not that bad of a hentai to pickup.

1. Tempy

Imagine Parn and Deedlit from Record of Lodoss War getting married, doing it together, and add some silliness into the mix and you basically have The Elven Bride. Kenji, a human being and respected leader of the guards, marries Milfa, a cute and gentle elf. Milfa has a hard time getting accepted by the human villagers, but there's another problem - Milfa and Kenji's bodies aren't very compatible with each other, Milfa is just way too tight! So Kenji goes on a quest in search of Harpy ooze which is known as a great lubricant. Anyway, much silliness ensues. The Elven Bride doesn't feature explicit sex and the production values aren't very high, but it's funny and the characters are cute and endearing.

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