D-Vine [luv]

D-Vine [luv]

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Alternate Titles
Publishing Date2001
Animation StudioExecutive Decision
Publisher/BroadcasterPink Pineapple
Genre(s)Hentai / Fantasy / Comedy
AvailabilityR1 - NuTech
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D-Vine [luv]D-Vine [luv]D-Vine [luv]D-Vine [luv]

2. Tempy

D-Vine [luv] is another in a host of hentai-fantasy-game-turned-anime. It also suffers from the usual problems despite having a promising start. Our hero Hyde gets to shag 7 girls, but although they're very cute girls and the xxx scenes are decent enough, it means that the story itself doesn't get much time and as a result, it rushes through the events. Nevermind that the girls hardly get any development time as well. The comedy bits are amusing as well and it's something I'd like to see more of in hentai.

1. Tyrenol

D-Vine Luv is yet another one of those mixtures of RPG and se~x. Never you mind that one of the characters herein was using a vibrator. "Bullcrap anachronism," but it works here since it's Pink Pineapple we're talking about here.

Onto the plot, or lack thereof: Hyde is a treasure hunter and raging hormone. He finds out the secrets of the "Lost World" before he ends up fighting against the powerful wizard Slain. Meanwhile he gets it on with seven (count 'em, seven) women; including Yura, the sole survivor of said Lost World and escaped Rei Ayanami clone. One should note that not all of the women react positively to Hyde's conquering. Nurse Shizuki wasn't entirely happy with it, Priol the maid was ready to cap his butt (while he was doing it with Mia), and his childhood friend Sakura slugs him twice for fooling around. Even though the second episode was dedicated to her; she's visually magnificent and I personally don't see a reason why Hyde should fool around.

The English VA here seems to be doing triple-time playing Sakura, Teres the hardened swordswoman, and Manatee the priestess. Some of the other familiar "adult film stars" are herein as well.

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