Cool Devices

Cool Devices

(Hentai OVA Series - 11 episodes)

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Cool DevicesCool DevicesCool DevicesCool Devices

4. Hentai Sensei

I am the biggest hentai fan in the whole wide world. I have no problem telling any of my friends about my hobby (maybe except for my girlfriend). I have a hentai anime DVD and Bishoujo game collections that is taller than me. I have seen all kinds of hentai anime but this series seriously just gross me out.

To begin, let's start with episode one, where a girl learned that she likes exhibitionism and she followed this guy and get xxxx by just about every moving male in the end of this episode. Now, I don't have a problem with this because after all, my nickname is the hentai sensei. However, my problem with this series is that all of 11 episodes treat females like garbage or objects that they take their sexual frustration out on. Like in episode 11, where they turned a wonderful innocent female singer into the biggest slut in the world (she masturbates in front of an audiences in a concert at the end of the episode) by public humiliating her and get fans to rape her in an S&M shop. This series has all kinds of fetish from enema, S&M, public humiliation, torture, rape, drugging woman, gangbang, masturbation and all other stuff that I can't and don't and won't want to type up.

Now, if I (being as sick, twisted and perverted as I am) can't enjoy this series because I found it disturbing. The chances are that most the people reading site will be totally gross out and flush the DVD down the toilet before they watch the second episode. Therefore, avoid this title at all cost if you still have any conscience left in you (my conscience is down to 0.01%, thank god). However, if you truly believe that you are most sick and twisted than me with 0% conscience, please jump in, I guarantee that you will enjoy it. Here's an idea, instead of naming it Cool Devices, why don't they consider naming it Cruel Devices instead.

3. Corkscrew

Arranged into 11 chapters, Cool Devices tells a number of different tales, all of them involving sex in some twisted way. There aren't really any tales of budding love or warm affection (see Koihime or Pia Carrot for that sort of thing). Instead, we get to see a good deal of the seedy underside of sex. Generally, the stories are self-contained, although there is one two-parter (Slave Girl Maya), and the plots in the ones that actually have them are pretty flimsy. The kinds of sex scenes available here are all over the map; there's dickgirls, watersports, incest, torture, a touch of furry, and a WHOLE LOT of rape. Add that that art and animation quality that varies a whole lot from episode to episode, usually bordering on awful, and this show is hard to recommend to anyone. Chances are, there's *something* in here that will catch your fancy, but more than likely, you'll be too disgusted by most of the rest of the series to get much enjoyment out of it.

2. bremmi

It is hard to review Cool Devices as a whole because the episodes/stories are all completely unrelated. Odds are you may find one you'd like, even if you didn't like the others. They are pretty perverse with S&M and incest, so if you don't like such topics you should avoid it. Fortunately, perverse is my middle name and I thought they were enjoyable. The reason it doesn't get high marks though is relatively lousy art and I prefer my stories to have a bit more plot, but it is hentai after all so you can't ask too much. Out of all the stories, I am also strangely drawn to Kirei, but they are all worth watching.

1. Tempy

Cool Devices might not be everybody's cup of tea. While there aren't any demons and tentacles, there are plenty of extreme hardcore stuff like bondage, S&M, torture, rape, incest, and other various disturbing and mean-spirited stuff. You either like it or not :) Cool Devices is a collection of non-related vignettes. Each vignette basically takes one fantasy and acts it out. Some segments actually have a decent plot (Slave Warrior Maya, Binding). The artwork and animation is generally speaking quite dreadful except for maybe Slave Warrior Maya and Yellow Star (which has the same designer as Kite's). Kirei probably has the worst designs (those breasts are huge), but it is somehow more memorable because it's so genuinely sad (and disturbing). If you're into perverted stuff, look no further.

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