Can Can Bunny

Can Can Bunny

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Alternate Titles
FormatHentai OVA Series - 6 Episodes
Publishing Date1996
Animation StudioTriple X
Publisher/BroadcasterPink Pineapple
Genre(s)Hentai / Comedy
Crew/CastCreator - Cocktail Soft
Director - Kanazawa Katuma
AvailabilityR1 - SoftCel
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Can Can BunnyCan Can BunnyCan Can BunnyCan Can Bunny

1. Tempy

Also jokingly referred to as "Oh My Fucking Goddess!", Can Can Bunny features Kenta as your typical hentai male lead whose plight for sex gets answered by goddess Suwatee. Suddenly girls all want Kenta's body, and he sure doesn't mind! But will he ever realize that Suwatee has feelings for him? Suwatee's more outgoing sister Shuree also seeks out Kenta's attention, making Suwatee's frustration even greater.

Can Can Bunny's character designs are great and the story tries hard to tell a romantic comedy story. Unfortunately the execution can be uneven at times. Sometimes the romance works, sometimes it just doesn't. And Shuree is a much better character than Suwatee - she's feisty, reacts positively to Kenta's kindness, and is willing to sacrifice her own feelings so that Suwatee can have Kenta. But Suwatee just worries a lot, unable to express her feelings for Kenta. And while Kenta gets along fine with the various cute girls, in the grand scheme of things they're basically throwaway characters- Fuck-A-Week if you may; the hentai version of Monster-Fight-Of-The-Week. It also doesn't help that the conflicts can be a bit silly, the solutions overly simplistic, and the humor childish. Despite that, Can Can Bunny still manages to entertain with its likable characters and decent story.

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