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Alternate Titles
FormatOVA Series - 2 Episodes
Publishing Date2002
Animation StudioYOUC
Publisher/BroadcasterAssemblage / Digital Works / Vanilla
Genre(s)Hentai / Fantasy / Romance / Drama
AvailabilityR1 - Critical Mass
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2. Tempy

Takakage has frequent dreams of a swordfighter named Genshiro and his beloved shrine priestess Ayame. When Takakge finds a girl resembling Ayame he realizes he is the reincarnation of Genshiro. But what does his half-sister Maiko have to do with this?

Campus starts out promising enough. Lost & found souls through reincarnation is a relative common theme in the hentai genre so storywise this seems nothing new. The art is quite attractive, but the animation is rather so-so. There are plenty of sex scenes - decent, but nothing special. While the sex is consentual, the romance is rather unconvincing; it doesn't help that Takakage initially messes around. The story was already suffering from cramming in too many characters in just 2 episodes, but after a while its credibility starts going downhill - there's not much that can be done with reincarnation without sounding either generic or utterly contrived. Campus looks nice but ultimately the characters and the story dissappoint.

1. Tyrenol

The Right Stuf's "dubbing streetteam from hell" returns as they lend their voices to this tale of unwavering romance, reincarnated souls, and the usual "wham bam." Four centuries ago, Genshiro and Ayame decided to do their deed before the former goes off into samurai battle. Fast-forward to the modern times, Takakage and Meiko have their fortunes read by their childhood friend, Mayumi. Using this to her advantage, and not realizing that something's wrong with the picture; Mayumi states her love to the otherwise sexfiendish Takakage. A nice little piece of work nonetheless.

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