The Black Mail 2

The Black Mail II

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Alternate Titles
FormatOVA Series - 3 Episodes
Publishing Date
Animation Studio
Publisher/BroadcasterPink Pineapple

AvailabilityR1 - NuTech
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1. Tyrenol

The new millennium is not a happy one for Asuka Akiyama and friends as they once again go through a series of blackmail themes. The Black Mail II is not exactly a sequel; it retells the story in a different way using the same characters and becomes more brutal this time around. Asuka thought that being done by her best friend's ex-best friend, and a quartet of goons, was the worst possible thing that can happen. Now even worse possible things are happening to her; like being kidnapped by the Yakuza and turned into their sex slave.

Ryosuke is as dense as ever. Yumiko is more sinister in this one. I'm actually starting to feel sorry for poor Reika. Sakura and Miku spend their time trying to seduce Ryosuke before falling into the traps set by Aya, Tamami, and random perverted gym coach Mr. Miyaki. And when the nightmare nears its end; a great realization has occurred to the good people behind this 3-part OVA that Ryosuke had been having the hots for Miku all this time!

Frankly, I don't understand why I spent my time watching this series. Probably because I'm a sucker for Pink Pineapple's highly-detailed sex fests. But this one's going over the top. This show should only be seen by those who know that it's just a show and not a way of life.

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