The Black Mail

Black Mail, The

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Alternate Titles
FormatOVA Series - 3 Episodes
Publishing Date2000
Animation Studio 
Publisher/BroadcasterPink Pineapple
AvailabilityR1 - NuTech
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The dictionary description of "bedlam" is a place of noisy uproar and confusion. So this hentai series may be bedlam in terms of production; with noisy screams from a group of young ladies going "No!", "Stop!", "Don't", et cetera ad nauseam. The show is a collection of flashbacks and flash-forwards; but it shouldn't be confusing.

Here we go: Friends Asuka and Aya fall in love with the popular guy Ryosuke, but he asks Asuka to go out with him. Aya decides to threaten Asuka with a picture of her in a compromising position; telling her to stay away from Ryosuke. No real harm, right? However, Yumiko (Aya's ex-best friend) comes back with a pack of thugs and is bent on revenge. She switches a letter that Aya was about to give to Asuka, and pretty soon poor Asuka ends up as the "butt of the joke;" the less harsh term being used.

Tamami, track star and friend to Asuka and Aya, is already in a bind when she ends up becoming a sex toy to (drumroll, please?) a horny gym coach. But Yumiko's wrath of vengeance manages to include Asuka's kid sister and mother, Aya's big sister, poor Ryosuke, and the rich girl Reika. Some girls managed to fight back, and the thugs get what they deserve. But most of the young women's defenselessness, thanks in part to Yumiko, manages to warp them pretty badly. It's a tale of degradation and humiliation; not on the scale of Shusaku, but there's still some toilet fetishes. So be warned.

Pink Pineapple is at its mightiest when it comes to their pens used for their art and animation. But hopefully we'll get to see their productions, which have more cheesecake and less bedlam, reach the US through NuTech and others. Speaking of which, their voice-actresses used herein were probably the reason why the company had gotten such a bad reputation. But it's really just a balance between good and wooden. There's a sequel to this, so I guess this "blackmail" theme had reached an audience.

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