The Bizarre Cage

The Bizarre Cage

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FormatOVA Series - 3 Episodes
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AvailabilityR1 - NuTech
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The good patrons who go to Fantasien are suppose to have fun. The ladies who work there give off enough "sexy cosplay" fanservice for it. From the bright and cheerful Tamami, the tall and sexy Sasazuka, to the chilling and distant Makiko. However, this high-tech amusement park is suffering from a plague of malfuntions that would soon be realized. Meanwhile, Inoue uses his position as a security officer to take advantage of his female coworkers; mainly by force. And as he leaves behind a trail of murders, Fantasien's "bug" goes into full swing and nearly threatens the lives of the people who visit this amusement park. It's up to Saito, his boss Ms. Amano, and maintenance girl Kazuko to stop the bug as well as Inoue's sick perversion.

Probably one of the older Pink Pineapple products that NuTech had managed to place into their inventory, The Bizzare Cage capitalizes on the cosplay and/or bondage fetishes while the technological "who done it" plot balances it out. And once again the porn-star voice actresses are overworked herein. My two compaints is that the series is too short for so many characters (since this is "volume 2" of this series), and that Saito's sex scenes with Amano and Kazuko weren't as "naughty" as the one with Inoue and Sasazuka.

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