Bible Black

Bible Black

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FormatOVA Series - 6 Episodes
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AvailabilityR1 - Kitty Media
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12 years ago, Takashiro and her schoolgirl friends ran a magic club. They found a "wonderful book" full of magic spells and used said spells against raven-haired super-biznatch Nami and her doormat friend. Nami soon joined the magic club and all hell broke loose. Kitami, a pure-hearted newbie who was just passing by, ended up on the business end of a human sacrifice ritual. But it blew up in the faces of Nami and her crew.

Kitami survived the ritual. And she utilizing her new-found "powers" to find a virgin for the next "Walpergus Night." Meanwhile, Minase finds that dreaded book in the basement of his school. And he uses the powers that he learns from it to score with class president Shiraki. This catches the interest of occult practitioner Saeki, rightfully scares off his childhood friend Imari, and ends up sending his art teacher Takashiro warning signs.

Kitami finds him out and makes Minase her sex slave. And he's unable to fight back; being the typical hentai anime character who has his brain in his pants. Will he be able to come to his senses and rescue Imari? Will Shiraki come to her senses? Will Saeki come to hers?

Bible Black had became notable for its numerous and lengthy cheesecake scenes (which include large loads of icing). But some of the scenes are just a bit too unsettling. If not the occult themes then that one water-torture scene. The English dub from Kitty Media likes to use a lot of accents herein. Most of the characters sounding like they came from Eastern Europe while Kitami sounds like the female version of some evangelist. Except for that one scene, I'd recommended to anybody who wants to start out in hentai.

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