Angel's Tail 2

Angel Tales 2

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Alternate Titles Tenshi no Shippo Chu! / Angel's Tail 2
FormatTV Series - 11 Episodes
Publishing Date2003
Animation StudioWonderfarm
Publisher/BroadcasterKids Station
Crew/CastDirector - Norio Kashima
Related Works Angel Tales
LinksAnimeNfo / Animated Divots

1. Neko Tsukimi

Once upon a time, there was a sad boy who was given 3 angels to protect him. 3 suddenly became 12 and now they're all enjoying their happy lives together in a small apartment.

Tenshi no Shippo Chu! has a very cute story. It's mostly comprised of character development of most of the girls showing how they have grown up. It's a continuation of the original Tenshi no Shippo and all of the girls have grown in one way or the other. However, the plot was really lacking. Nothing really happens in the show that couldn't have been covered in something like a movie. Even though it was mostly filler, a lot of the filler was just incredibly silly and amusing. Two of the episodes of filler were in the form of an "omake." They were mini side-stories totally unrelated to the show that seem more like animated comic strips. Also, an entire episode was reserved for music. Each girl sang a cute image song that suits her personality. It was cute, but a lot of older episode footage was used and repeated over and over.

Tenshi no Shippo Chu! was a light-hearted series with tender moments and I was sad to see the end. But I would have enjoyed it more if there were more to it than the cuteness.

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