Angel Tail

Angel Tales

5 reviews - 12.0 total score (Explanation of the rating system)
avg. score: (2.4)

Alternate Titles (Otogi Story) Tenshi no Shippo / Angel's Tail
FormatTV Series - 13 Episodes
Publishing Date2001
Animation StudioWonderfarm
Crew/CastDirector - Ochi Kazuhiro
Related Works Angel Tales 2
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5. Connor

This anime I felt was quite average, but despite that I enjoyed watching it. It has a slightly unusual premise where the main guy (Mitsumi Goro), who looks a lot like Keichi from Love Hina, is unlucky. A goddess in the guise of a fortune teller sends three guardian angels to watch over him and help him. The guardian angels are reincarnations of some of his dead pets. It is amusing to see how they reflect their past lives in their mannerisms and fears (bird afraid of cat, fox afraid of dog etc). The goddess gets a bit carried away and eventually he has 12, count them 12, guardian angels. They are all cute varying in apparent age from 7 to 18 (Akane the fox is my favourite).

I found the animation very well done and detailled. The voice acting was very good with Akane and Ran staning out for me. The music is rather repetitive. A particular harmonica tune is used over and over again. It has relevance to the story but it gets wearing. The opening song fitted the series reasonably well, though I thought the closing one a nothing.

The story-arc reaches it's end in episode 11 in an almost laughable battle. It was the only point I was uncomfortable about in the series.

There are two OVA type episodes 12 and 5.5 which fill in details of their life and Goro's family. I look forward to the second season (Angel's Tail Chu)

4. Olmanek

It is surprising how anime groups get money to make these series, there must be some hidden surplus of money in the anime industry over in Japan, allowing any fool who can draw a cute girl to create a series, this particularly lame and debilitated series is about reincarnated animals, 12 to be precise, all owned by the same guy previously, to be honest I feel bad for the animals, imagine having that jinx of an owner! And wouldn't he catch on, after his 6th pet is killed by a lightning bolt from above on a perfectly clear day wouldn't you think he'd catch on? Okay so that part was an exaggeration, all the deaths are very lame, especially the goldfish one, if you like the idea of reincarnated animals, go watch Kanon, it is considerably better and doesn't dwell on the one single idea. Avoid this at all costs.

3. Yogi

Many girls, serving one guy. I would say more about it, except that there is very little more to say. It tries to turn "serious" at the end, but fails. Badly. Almost no unifying story.

2. weasl

Angel's Tail is the type of shounen romance series that you've seen before. Unlucky guy suddenly becomes surrounded by a bounty of cute girls. It does however have a rather unique catch in that all 12 of the girls are reincarnated animals. With this in mind a great deal of their character comes from the animal they were in their past life. The constantly hungry gerbil, the shy monkey, the curious cat, and of course the slow and thoughtful turtle and the impulsive rabbit that are constantly at war. With this little hook in place I had high hopes for the series, but sadly what should have been it's strong point was severely underused. The majority of the episodes content was forgettable, but at other times the character interaction is excellent. This key hook underplayed the show falls flat, and ultimately I can only recommend it for the hardcore bishoujo romance fans who simply need a new helping of girls.

1. Jasconius

The only thing this series really has going for it is a LOT of cute girls, twelve to be exact. The plot is stupid, the dialogue is boring and cliché with only a few exceptions. The ending to episode 11 is kind of funny, and there are a few other funny parts but mostly watching this series was a chore for me. I only did it to watch all the cute girls. Episode 12 is just an omake episode but even the silliness in this series is badly acted out. I don't recommend this series at all, there are cuter girls in tons of other new anime anyway.

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