Angels in the Court

Angels in the Court

(Hentai OVA Series 2000 - 2 episodes - Pink Pineapple)

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2. Hentai Sensei

Angels in the Court is a rare hentai anime that features extremely hot female characters, a believable plot and lots of sex scene. This is great news for any hentai fan because most hentai anime usually misses one of the three essential key ingredients.

To begin with, we start out seeing the coach having sex with another female and the whole story is based on the flashback of his old memory of the AOTA Academy female volleyball team. The AOTA Academy female volleyball team players have an unusual relationship with their horny, yet sometimes brave coach. The story is basically about how the AOTA Academy female volleyball team achieves its goal of winning the city championship and how the coach tutored the players. Unlike most hentai anime where plot is no where to be found, Angels in the Court provides enough obstacles to these angels. If you like beautiful girls and believable plot, this hentai is made just for you. However, if you are into more brutal or say advanced sex scenes, you might be in a disappointment.

1. Tempy

When you have 8 girls in a volleyball team and a horny male coach, things get a bit messy. The AOTA Academy female volleyball team participate in a regional tournament, and the main story is basically how they try to win that tournament to proceed to the national championships. There's not much of a story that can be told well in just 2 episodes though. The art/designs are good and the girls are cute, so it's unfortunate that the sex scenes aren't very explicit. Female genitalia is not shown, and the coach suffers from black penis syndrome (and even a scene where his Johnson is rainbow-colored). The animation is also quite average in both volleyball and sex scenes. Angels in the Court does make up for the average parts with a weird sense of humor which had me laughing out loud a couple of times. And if you didn't think 2 episodes was enough, they made a sequel :)

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