Angel Sanctuary

Angel Sanctuary

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Alternate Titles
FormatOVA Series - 3 Episodes
Publishing Date2000
Animation Studio
Publisher/BroadcasterBandai Visual
Genre(s)Action / Fantasy / Drama
AvailabilityR1 - CPM
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4. One Classy Bloke

Wow, this really pulled off putting 20 volumes of manga in three epiodes well. Well, the first two mainly. The third episode was really compressed to fit in everything it needed before it ended and only just managed it. But then they stuck a little bit after the credits to mess up everything. While I have yet to read the manga, i still think it came out well. The animation was very good, but that's what you would expect from an OVA series. The music was very good, but what really made this shine was the plot. I am a fan of any story that bashes the hell out of religion and this anime gave a very unique view of angels. While most people see angels as divine beings beyond greed, lust and hate, these feelings are all present in Angel Sanctuary's angels.

As the main focus is on the resurrection of Alexial, the side story of the forbidden love between Setsuna and Sara interested me much more. It really shows how the morals of religion can easily over ride true love. While that did not happen here, you can see the strong use of religion to try to stop the relationship. The plot is easily the strongest factor of this anime. However, I didn't really feel much for the characters. All the characters, except a few, all had a good human feel for them (even though most of them weren't human). If this anime had a fourth episode to explain some of the other things better, it may of gotten the 5 stars I wanted to give it.

3. Olmanek

Unfortunately this is bound to offend people who hold strong religious views, which is a shame, as it never claims to be precise or true to any religious ideals or lore, it merely offers angels and demons, a heaven and a hell, never specifying anything much more, it simply wants you to think of things in the most basic childish way, 'heaven/angels good, demons/hell bad,' it then offers an interesting point, which shows a realism of the angels, without a perfect disposition, with petty, jealous and vicious points, but as always it's all a matter of perspective, a belief in a greater good is the cause for the actions, however, as can be surmised, to achieve a peace by instating a war, not precisely of course, but that is a similar way of things. The story feels far too short though, with many characters which weren't properly covered, and most annoyingly interesting characters, there are a lot of subplots which could have been explored but which weren't given the time, it is disappointing to think how good this series could have been, had it been given a greater amount of time, perhaps if they had cut down on the animation quality to give extra budget to the length, but that is just wishful thinking. An interesting watch.

2. Iodine

A three-episode fantasy tale of various supernatural entities from Heaven and Hell converging on a boy named Setsuna, in the hopes that they can waken the fallen angel, Alexiel, who resides within him. However, Setsuna, having fallen implausibly in love with his younger sister, has his own troubles to deal with. Secondary characters, most notably the conflicted Kira, wind up the major movers of the plot. This is probably one of the most feeble, if not downright insulting anime ever made, cannibalizing the Christian faith and pulling every cheap theatric in the book for the sake of shock value. Most of the characters are one-trick cardboard cutouts. Possibly the attempt to cover so much story in such a short period forced the utter lack of character development, but that doesn't excuse a plot built up on mainly cheap twists and painfully bad dialogue. Honestly, not one mistaken gender character, but two?

Animation is, sadly, far too good for the story. The loveliness of some of the artwork and design makes the flaws of the writing all the more evident and painful to watch. The predictably tragic-but-with-an-escape-door ending is probably meant to be uplifting, but I for one certainly hope we'll never again be subjected to these distressingly wretched characters ever again.

1. Jeneki

Angel Sanctuary is one of the most twisted show I've ever seen. The story is about a brother and sister in love, an uprising in the heavens, and combat between an organic angel and an inorganic angel. The story can be very hard to follow at times, so I suggest multiple viewings to let everything sink in. The first viewing was one of those "I'm not sure what's going on, but wow this is cool" experiences. The animation is also fantastic, which helps make multiple viewings enjoyable.

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