Angel Links

Angel Links

(TV Series - 13 episodes)

2 reviews - 8.0 total score (Explanation of the rating system)
avg score: (4.0)

2. Konoha

With Angel Links, I think it's most fair to group up the episodes as follows. We have episode 1, which wasn't too great. We have 2-4, which were okay. But episodes 5 to the end really pick up and take this series in a direction I wasn't expecting. Romances remain unsolved, it isn't a happy ending for all involved, and it's just pulled off nicely. Based in the Outlaw Star universe, you may remember AL crew Valeria and Duuz making an appearance in episode 19 of Outlaw Star. If you really liked Outlaw Star, I'd suggest giving this a try.

1. weasl

Spawned from the universe that gave us Outlaw Star, Angel Links is a 13 episode series following the exploits of Meifon, her massive chest, and the crew of the Angel Links starship as they provide free protection from space pirates. While the show starts off fairly slow and formulaic, it's later episodes really shine. With it's great ending I was able to forgive it's less than stellar start. Fans of Outlaw Star will enjoy this one, though be warned that the first half of the series is far less entertaining then it's excellent ending.

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