Amazing Nurse Nanako 

Amazing Nurse Nanako

(OVA Series - 6 episodes - Pioneer)

4 reviews - 7.5 total score (Explanation of the rating system)
avg score: (1.9)

4. The Boss

The story is about a young girl named Nanako Shichigusa who is forced to quit her high school because of her parents' financial problems. Nanako then takes a job at a suspicious hospital as a nurse. This hospital just happens to be run by a mad scientist named Kyoji Ogami who also has a way of hiring suspicious doctors and experimenting with mechas. Can Nanako possible work normally at a place like this? Or will she run away screaming because of all the fanservice;)

3. Jeneki

While the first few episodes of Nanako are really bad, it does get more interesting later on. I wonder way the first half of the series is there at all. Some of the characters are very cruel to Nanako with seemingly no good reason, which may offend some viewers. There's a lot of fan service in the form of kinetic chest movements, but it's not that great. On the bright side the animation is pretty good and the plot does get better, so it's not a total waste.

2. weasl

I'm a fanservice junky. I admit it, but even fan service can't save Nanako from mediocrity. While not horrible Nanako never rises past it's fan service roots, and at times even skimps on the fan service.. Ultimately forgettable.

1. cron

I want my money back Pioneer, OK on to the review. I watched Nanako with two friends and at the end we decided to disband and never mention we watched this series. The series is a show constructed around fanservice. It proves the point that fanservice cannot save a show. We get to see how Nanako can take varying degrees of torture and humiliation while trying to laugh. Don't expect to see any sort of story in the first 4 episodes, but the last two try to tie up the series. Overall I didn't like it, I wouldn't recommend it, but it did have some nice fanservice, packaging, and a nice menu system (I expect this from Pioneer now).

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