Agent Aika

Agent Aika

(OVA Series - 7 episodes 1997/1998 - Studio Fantasia / Bandai Visual)

4 reviews - 13.5 total score (Explanation of the rating system)
avg. score: (3.4)

4. Tyrenol

And then there are times when one needs to enjoy something as it is. For the Aika series; it should be enjoyed as the Playboy Version of "Under Siege." Despite being the winner for having the most panty shots and camera angles; this story does have a plot. I mean... C'mon! Ludwig Haggen, the usual psyched-out scientist/megalomaniac, was probably doing something right when he enlisted an army of women. All this series needed was your token pervert to get into the thick of things; and I'd give it half a star more...

3. hakotooko

Yes, this show was made for the panty shots. And there are so many of them they distract you from the plot (whatever it was). The only fun we had watching this was counting panty shots through an episode and getting over 200. I got tired of the show after the first couple of episodes.

2. weasl

Agent Aika is parody at its finest. Think a B movie James Bond, mixed with an underwear commercial and you'll have a decent idea of the direction Aika goes in. Aika's total lack of control is its main appeal, the story is so campy that it's enjoyable and the constant "interesting" camera angle changes prevents you from ever even trying to take it seriously. For those who enjoy fanservice Agent Aika is a modern day classic, others need not apply.

1. Tempy

Agent Aika is a very remarkable series. It has a fairly decent plot and plenty of action, but what makes it unique is the sheer amount of panty shots. There are literally hundreds of them. The creators were extremely creative in finding interesting camera angles just to show more panties. Of course it helps that the enemy consists mostly of women in extremely short skirts. If you're like me you'll giggle at every inventive fan service bit. The show is also quite humorous at times, especially when Michikusa pops up in the last 3 episodes (who he is is never quite explained), occasionally dressing up in women's clothing and talking through a stuffed doll. Agent Aika is not very deep, but provides plenty of entertainment nonetheless.

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